Multi Genre In-House Engineer

With our exclusive in-house engineers and producers, we cater to every genre. Whether you are a global talent or just starting out, we are able to guide you to ensure ultimate satisfaction with your final product. 

Engineered Hire

With our engineered sessions at Alkatraz,  you will be accompanied by a multi-genre, well rounded and versatile audio engineer/producer.

There will be an engineer and assistant ready to guide you on your experience and will include our basic in-session mixing and mastering free of charge!

Mixing + Mastering

With our mixing and mastering services, our engineer will ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard and with the utmost amount of care and importance. We take EVERY piece of work seriously. 

Our services include meticulously and professionally edited, mixed & mastered recordings for Music, Film, Games, TV, Audio-books, Radio, Commercials/Adverts, Podcasts, Spoken Word and more…


Beat Production/Remake

Our in-house engineer and producers have amassed a vast array of knowledge and experience in beat-making of all genres, producing the perfectly tailored beat exactly how you want it to sound, down to a single note!

Additionally, any beat/instrumental can be made, sampled or remade to sound exactly how you want it, weather that’s the same to the original or different in any aspect!